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This is a bit more fragmented than last week's post because it mainly consists of the plurks I made after watching the episode.

S poilers below the cut:

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I basically copied this from my Tumblr, with a few minor edits, so this post is staying public.

Spoilers below the cut:

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Korra - WIP
by ~kirin2009 on deviantART

This is my first attempt at drawing Korra (last shown here). One of the fun things about AtLA fanart is that you can draw characters doing all kinds of OTT flashy moves that you’d never use in a real fight. Flying side kick + firebending = suddenly a lot more effective.

I had to sharpen this one a lot because my scanner is rather fond of eating my linework. Colours and a (simple) background will be added later. For now, I’m more interested in hearing about how to sort out her clothing folds and fix any anatomy errors that are still present. I think I find it easier to draw baggy clothes - it must be all those years of drawing Inuyasha fanart. :p
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