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Here's some more information (taken from the community's user info) for those of you who are wondering what on earth this is all about:

AN ANIME/MANGA FANDOM CHARACTER TOURNAMENT based on [ profile] f_march_madness (format used with permission!).

This is a single elimination, competitive animanga fandom wide tournament to determine THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST OF ANIME AND MANGA FANDOM.

[ profile] animetournament will start out with a whopping NINETY-FOUR fandoms. These will be split amongst two prelim voting posts. One character from each fandom will win their poll, and then advance to the next bracket, where they will face a character from another fandom.

Preliminaries: 96 fandoms
First Round: 96 characters
Second Round: 48 characters
Third Round: 24 characters
Semi-finals: 12 characters
Super Six: 6 characters
Final Three: 3 characters

The winner of the final three becomes the 2012 CHAMPION!
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I'm making this post public for the sake of plugging this community.

[ profile] womenlovefest

Remember this post? Well, it turned out that the "We Love the Women that Fandom Hates" fest was so popular that the people who organised it couldn't keep up with all the sign-ups and decided to devote an entire community to it instead. Instead of sign-ups, every character has a post of her own and there, in comments, everyone posts links to what they've created.

I highly encourage you to join, if you haven't already.
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