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If you'd like to add me to your flist (or are just being nosy ;) ) then here's my basic profile:

Name: Kirin

D.O.B.: 20/09/1985

About me: I’m a 31 year old English woman who works as a cataloguer. I'm also an aspiring author.

In my spare time I usually occupy myself with my hobbies. Outside of fandom and the internet, my main hobbies are reading, writing, drawing, cooking, riding and taekwondo.

Fandoms: I’m a bit of a fandom hermit, so I tend not to get too heavily involved in fan communities. If you’d like to see what I’m into right now then my profile’s the best place to look.

Fandom Contributions: I write fanfiction and draw fanart. I also enjoy writing tl;dr-ry fandom/canon meta posts because I like to over-analyse things. ^^;

Likes: Reading; writing; drawing; finding out about other cultures; cooking; languages; literature; useless information; martial arts; riding; cats; horses; anime and manga; mythical creatures; surfing the net; nature; weird stuff in general and much, much more.

Dislikes: Bigotry; hypocrisy; bashing (characters, pairings, series, etc.); egotism; sycophants; excessive use of netspeak; back-stabbing; most “reality” TV; fundamentalism and extremism (religious or otherwise); getting up in the morning; narrow-mindedness; pointless fandom drama

Journal Restrictions (Friends only, age restrictions, etc): I may sometimes post material with adult/mature content, so please bear this in mind if you're under 18. I don't follow back minors but I'm okay with talking to them, so long as the conversation doesn't concern NSFW/18+ topics.

Anything else: When it comes to Serious Business™ (politics, religion, shipping preferences...) I don't mind if you disagree with my opinions, so long as you respect them. However, I draw the line at outright bigotry; I don’t want to see things like racism and homophobia on my Flist.

My views on fandom preferences basically amount to “it’s not what you like/ship, it’s the way that you like/ship it”. Again, differences of opinion are perfectly fine; what I don’t like is the senseless wankery that comes from character/ship/series wars and bashing. Fandom drama annoys me and I prefer to stay out of it as much as possible.

I appreciate posting courtesy such as not spamming, using an LJ-cut for large images or text, and correct usage of capitalization/grammar.

If you’d just like to keep up with my art and/or writing then feel free to friend this journal without leaving a post here.

If we haven’t talked much then I’d like to know where you know me from (i.e communities or other people’s journals). Please don’t feel offended if I don’t friend you back right away; I’m quite shy so I tend not to friend people unless I already know them fairly well.
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