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Time to share another ficlet...

Rising up

Rating: PG for mentions of violence and injuries

Characters/Pairings: Kagome

Genres: Gen, Introspective

Word count: 431

Author's notes: This ficlet is set during the Sakasagami no Yura arc.

Please note that I go by manga canon in all of my fics unless otherwise stated.




Kagome couldn't say what made her pick up the bow. She'd never held a weapon until that day, let alone used one. Yet as she stood straining, the crow youkai fixed in her wavering sights, she was certain of one thing.

She just couldn't stand by and do nothing.

She'd never thought she'd be a heroine. She'd soon tired of her grandpa's dusty relics and dustier stories. The bright lights and busy streets of Tokyo were so much more alive than any fairy tale. Why live in the past when you could live in the moment?

Yet there she was, thrust into a legend of her own making.

All she could do was take aim, draw back and hope.

Her arrow found its mark. She beamed in relief as the sky lit up like a firecracker. She could finally close the storybook and get back to reality.

One arrow was all it took to shatter her hopes.

It wasn't until they went to pick up the pieces that it finally sank in. The fairytale was far from over.

In fact, the next chapter was only just beginning.

Kaede's words couldn't be true. She held no power, bore no gift, knew no answers to her ever-growing problems. Yet their impact hit her soon enough. Kikyou's shadow dogged her footsteps everywhere she went.

It was almost a relief when Yura sent her toppling down the well.

She woke with a flashlight on her face and Souta's voice ringing in her ears. The present seemed almost too real to be true. She collapsed into tears, safe in her family's arms. Home's comforts settled around her like a warm blanket. Wasn't this all she'd ever wanted?

Until fate sent its tendrils reaching through time to ensnare her once more.

Her breath caught in her throat as the bloody strands writhed between her fingers. Realization slammed into her like a fist. She rushed to the well house, only to discover that fantasy had become reality.  There was no escaping the strings of fate.

So she reached out and grasped them with both hands.

The severed strands lay lifeless in her grip. They were only a fragment of the bloody trail her decision had left behind. Her resolve hardened in her heart. The time for looking back was over.

And so she took up the bow once more.

She swallowed her misgivings and returned to Inuyasha's side. Together they hurtled through the darkness. There was no telling where this path would take her. But she was certain of one thing.

She wouldn't stand by and do nothing.


Constructive criticism is very welcome!


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