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Okay, I'm trying to use this journal more often, so I'm going to upload some of my ficlets and oneshots. Let's start with some good old-fashioned inukag.

Reaching out

Rating: G/K

Characters/Pairings: Inuyasha, Kagome, InuyashaxKagome

Genres: Romance, Introspective

Word count: 217 (count 'em!)

Author's notes: This ficlet is set just after the Thunder Brothers arc in the manga. Although I don't think Inuyasha realised that he was beginning to develop romantic feelings for Kagome until the Spider Heads arc, I see this as the moment that first sparked those feelings.

Please note that I go by manga canon in all of my fics unless otherwise stated.



He'd sworn he'd keep his distance.

She'd been edging closer and closer since the day they'd met. It was just little things at first. A ripe persimmon tossed into his hand. A few small words of praise. A smile as warm as sunshine. Like the one she'd worn when she'd followed him through the well the other morning. A sunbeam reaching towards him.

He knew what a smile could hide.

Safe was better than sorry. He didn't need her trailing after him. He didn't need her attempts to help. He didn't need her endless questions. Most of all, he didn't need her.

Yet when he'd seen her go up in flames...

He'd reached out towards her without a second thought.

His hand found hers. Her fingers were so fragile in his grasp. So warm. All he could do was hold onto her for dear life.

Until it all faded away.

He had to tear himself free. His face burned hotter than the flames. He turned away and   buried his relief in anger. Anger was welcome. Anger was familiar.

Anger was safer.

Yet her warmth still clung to his fingertips. Her voice still echoed in his heart. He grumbled an excuse and stormed off, still holding onto the memory of a smile.

One that wouldn't fade so easily.




Constructive criticism is very welcome!


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